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Hot Topic

Rock band

Band members

Thomas Maher - Drums
Nathan Bryans - Bass
Richard Dahlstrom - Guitar
Ryszard Gabrielczyk - Guitar
Wolfberry (Anna Skyner) - Vocals






Record Label:

Phantom Records

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Officially launched on January 1st 2017, Sweet Surrender is the brainchild of former Emerald drummer & songwriter Thomas Maher.. In his quest to fulfil his longterm ambition, he set about his business to find 4 like-minded individuals who shared his vision of reigniting the British rock music scene... In doing so, he recruited Italian bassist Save Blackjack, Sri-Lankan guitarist Malinda Ginige, German guitarist Kevin (Wildcat) Roessel & finally to lead the band from the front, Russian female vocalist Wolfberry. Sweet Surrender is a new breed of British rock & a band as diverse in culture & nationality as it is in character but one thing is for sure - the band stands united in its mission to take everything that's great about British rock music and remind people who may have forgotten - that rock lives! Sweet Surrender is one of the UK's most exciting emerging talents delivering songs and performances that are rich in melody, passion, guitar riffs, power and aggression on stage and matched only by an equally impressive image and presence that sets the band on fire when they hit the stage! Don't just take our word for it - see them for yourself and decide!
Officially launched in 2018, British commercial Rock group Hot Topick are without doubt one of the UK's most promising and exciting emerging Rock bands.. Billed as a super group, Hot Topick boasts a lineup of multicultural talent that includes former members of Emerald, Sweet Surrender, Canvas Wall, Spitfire and fronted by Russian Bombshell and former super model Anna (Wolfberry) Skyner... The band are currently working on their debut album and are planning a number of single releases in 2018 leading up to the album release in 2019... Watch this space!!!
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