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London Monkeys

music that's sweet and sour and hot

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The story of the London Monkeys is almost entirely one of 2019, since they met at a New Year’s Eve party a couple of hours before midnight. Jack was generally making a nuisance of himself, walking around taking pictures, and Anna spilled some white wine (fortunately) on the lovely carpet. This was a sign that they were destined to work together.

Anna asked Jack if he could arrange a pop song of hers, and he replied that he’d rather have balsamic vinegar sprayed into his eyeballs than work on pop music. Actually, he was much more tactful than usual and simply said it wasn’t his thing.

 A couple of weeks later, he sent Anna one of his songs to record a vocal, and was mightily impressed with what she did. She asked if he had any more songs, and he sent her a whole pile. Anna suggested doing a show, and Jack responded in his usual grumpy, unenthusiastic, cynical fashion. However, Anna was made of much stronger stuff and swept away his excuses, prevarications and obfuscations, and the London Monkeys were born.



(+44)7473730027 Anna

(+44)7719958726 Jack

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