Wolfberry- Anna Skyner 
is a singer with​ almost two decades ​of experience.
Songwriter, performer (graduated as an actress of the Stanislavsky academy GITIS, Moscow), Finalist of X-factor, video creator
and producer based in UK

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"WOLFBERRY pushes her vocals out like there is no tomorrow, She sings with vitality and her fearless quality will catapult her into many playlists..."
Cuba artwork, letter colouring [enhanced
Bill Marten & Anna Skyner
a new single by Wolfberry
"Returning To Havana"

produced by Bill Marten

mastered by Pete Maher

track 1/I'm Breaking
track 2/Hagamos Fuego!

“A few years back, Wolfberry made an historic visit to Havana, capital of Cuba, and became completely intoxicated with the cars, the rum, the atmosphere, the architecture… and the music – oh, totally the music! Wolfberry fell in love with the people and culture of Havana – and Havana loved Wolfberry back!

So when Wolfberry and Bill got together to make her new heartbreak song I’m Breaking, suddenly there emerged a shared love of Cuban and Samba music, and there was no other option than that the song had to become a sad Samba.

The two also wanted to make a more stripped-down, acoustic version of Wolfberry’s amazing torch song Let’s Make Fire, coz why wouldn’t you? So naturally that had to be as if recorded one sweaty night at the Tropicana jazz club on the Línea del Ferrocarril Mariano, on the last night of a major tour of South America, with nothing to lose but a good night’s sleep, before returning wearily, ecstatically, home.

So we give you Returning To Havana! The brand new Double Single release from Wolfberry! I’m Breaking might just make you cry, but then Hagamos Fuego! will help you over it. Make sure you listen to it somewhere you can dance, and dance like no-one can see (like, for instance, in the dark sweaty confines of the club Tropicana on the strip in Havana…)”

Bill Marten, Producer


Wolfberry’s musical odyssey began in Moscow, her journey through the last two decades of the twentieth century exposing her to a kaleidoscope of colours and symphonies of sound, opera, rock, pop, and disco. As she entered adolesence the Soviet Union became Russia, the music of the West the anthems of social change. Decades of sound were consumed in days, genres that had evolved over generations enjoyed together as the walls constructed by cultural censorship tumbled. Wolfberry's eclectic taste, the desire to experiment, the search for identity, owes much to this age of uncertainty, an age of permanent revolution. 


Having grown up in a modest house, her formative years spent singing in the school choir, and spending long vacations in the countryside in the company of her grandparents, she was catipulted into the public limelight on becoming the face of Russian breakfast television. It provided her with a platform to pursue her musical ambition as part of a female duo performing Russian disco. This initial recognition was followed by the fame flowing from being a model of the "Playboy" magazine and becoming a Playmate of  of the year, and a series of high visibility modelling contracts. 


The experience convinced her to change direction and to start writing her own songs in a fusion of the pop and folk genres. Celtic folk ballads inspired her, the pop music of the 1970s and 1980s always somewhere in the background. The sounds of Michael Jackson, Donna Summer, Whitney Houston, Roxette , Depeche Mode, Abba the soundtracks of a life with layered identity have and continue to influence.

Wolfberry abandoned the stardom that followed their successful participation in the first Russian X factor to study theatrical and dramatic arts. In theatre her love of music with dance found its expression in the operatic comedies of Chekhov and Griboedov, her infectious joy for performing obvious to all.


On arrival in London she embraced the music of the émigré, the observations of Alexander Vertinsky and the humour of the Weimar music halls, a recourse to cabaret as she entered the unknown. Rock followed, her alter ego, Wolfberry, becoming a fixture on the Camden rock scene, in the band Sweet Surrender embracing and evolving a unique sound in their determined revival of classic rock. It was the style, the rhythm, and the melody of her memories that drew her to the gypsy band Russian Gypsy Soul.

And now Wolfberry is creating new songs, new projects. Where some may see contradiction, others hear the voice of a girl with a music in her soul, a soul that lusts for life.