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"Livin' On A Prayer"
release date: 29/01/21
(produced&mastered by Rupert Withers)
The iconic Bon Jovi melody is expertly combined with traditional Celtic instrumentation to create a unique, seemingly nostalgic atmosphere. Wolfberry’s voice paintsthemelody with new colours and magic energy.Effortlessly harmonised, this unusual mix brings an air of sublime, natural musicality.
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"You're So Vain"
release date:18/12/20

(produced by Bill Marten

mastered by Pete Maher)

What is this modern day twist to the classic 'You’re So Vain'?The extraordinary Miss Wolfberry stamps her unique personality on this iconic song, turning the song’s withering comment on to the ‘other pandemic’ facing our current generation: the vanity of social media. A real danger, a new trend of very shallow values that’s hard to resist, but even harder to sustain without getting burned.With a distinctive fresh arrangement and Wolfberry’s incredible vocal, you’ll want to keep listening again and again, but don't miss the nuance in the lyrics. You’ll be rewarded

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release date: 30/10/20

(produced by Bill Marten

mastered by Pete Maher)


WOLFBERRY returns with her new anthemic pop release 'Let's Make Fire'. Here, the contemporary starlet unites infectious melodies with a sublime vocal which is challenging to resist. Hailing from Moscow in Russia but now living in London, WOLFBERRY has cultivated a sound which fuses a nostalgic 'Bond' feel with up to date hooks. Further more, it is a delivery which unleashes the goods like never before with it cementing itself deep with piercing character.

'Let's Make Fire' is a hybrid of all things remarkable. New sounds reverberate through the mix with a robust rhythm arrangement and her potent vocal will propel you from your chair. Tempestuous and powerful, WOLFBERRY drives onward with conviction and her holistic approach to song writing is medicine to the ears of any diehard pop enthusiast.

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release date: 16/10/20

 All 6 songs from this EP are celebrations of time, nature, beauty, love and friendship, the lyrics are as personal as the melodies universal.

Each of the songs narrate a story that the listener will recognise, the sense of trepidation experienced when traveling far from home, the sense of mystery borne from reading an ancient legend, or the sense of self when dwelling on the existential nature of life.They have the potential to lift the spirit and deepen the soul,  to provoke whilst providing pleasure.



release date: 03/07/19

(produced&mastered by Brando Walker)

Is a second single by Wolfberry -

it's an anthem of a girl power! The messages are loud and clear. Even when your heart is broken, there is never a wrong time to celebrate womanhood!  

There is always two sides of a coin: you can be broken and give-up or you can try to find positive moments of a situation. 

Each cloud has a silver line and to be happy its our own choice .

To My Dear - is all what each of us, at least once in a life wanted to say, even with a tears in your eyes !

dear 3.002.jpeg


 release date: 03/12/18

(produced&mastered by Brando Walker)

Captures her journey as an artist, a synthesis of the music that has moulded her. 
As she has morphed from folk and classic, through rock, to more mainstream pop her sound has acquired a sedimentary like sophistication, her lyrics laced with echoes of the languages she has learned. 

STRANGERS is a step on this journey, is a dialogue with self and skies, a moment of reflection. Her focus, however, is on the future, the confidence and clarity of her expression set to resonate as she continues her odyssey.